Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS is the best choice to send informational messages, OTPs, order and booking alerts to your specific numbers. You can send these messages to the customers to transfer vital information for accessing your services or products. Instant SMS at different stages of delivery or transactions can make company reliable. This way, transactional SMS are very popular in banking, ecommerce, retail and other businesses. They are used by every company to send billing information, process information, and send status at any given time.

Considering the needs of customers, we provide easily accessible transactional gateway to our clients which is very useful. You may want to register to our portal to get started with bulk SMS without any issue. offers best transactional plans and reasonable pricing to send hundreds of SMS in no time.

Why transactional SMS?

Do you know why and when you need to use transactional SMS in the business? Here are some of the instances when you have to move ahead –

  • Delivery confirmation
  • Transaction confirmation
  • Sending order status
  • Sending alerts
  • Getting order receipts
  • Automated messages
  • Industrial notification